Lynda Zelenka

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Lynda Zelenka

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Executive Director

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Lynda began her career straight out of college with GE (General Electric Company).  She was part of an aggressive management training program and served in various management and marketing positions throughout her career with the company.  Lynda left GE after ten years to stay home with her young children.  She began volunteer work at church while her children were in Mother’s Day Out as well as attending and leading Bible studies.  She joined the staff of Foundry as assistant to the Associate Pastor in 1999 and received her call to go into ministry.  Currently, Lynda serves as Pastor of Women’s Ministries and Community Outreach at The Foundry United Methodist Church.  Lynda is also one of the co-founders and Executive Director of Cy-Hope since its inception in 2011.  She is attending Fuller Seminary to receive her graduate level classes to complete her licensing requirements in the United Methodist Church.  She has also served as Vice President of Special Events on the Celebration Women’s Ministries board and in various leadership roles within the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  She also serves as Volunteer Coordinator and assists in correspondence for Living Proof Ministries.