Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

In 2010, Dr. Godfrey Hubert, then Senior Pastor of Foundry United Methodist Church went on sabbatical and was reading a book by Reggie McNeal, The Present Future.  In the book, McNeal asked: “If your church ceased to exist today, would the community miss it?”  This spoke profoundly to Dr. Hubert, and he posed the question to the church leadership. They admitted an uncomfortable truth. If Foundry’s doors closed, their members would miss them greatly, but the community wouldn’t notice they were gone.

Under Godfrey’s direction and leadership, Foundry birthed Cy-Hope as a separate 501(c)3 to rally the community around the 115,000 students in Cy-Fair Independent School District, of which over 55% are economically disadvantaged. Because of Dr. Hubert’s vision and the $1M in financial support of Foundry over the first three years after inception, Cy-Hope quickly gained traction and was able to fill in many gaps in services for our community. As we round the corner of our tenth anniversary, we look back with gratitude to all of the individuals and organizations who have allowed us to serve our Cy-Fair community and expand into surrounding areas in fulfilling our mission of making life better for kids.

Cy-Hope brings needs and solutions together, bringing hope to at-risk children so they will grow into educated and productive citizens. This will, in turn, make a lasting and positive impact on the community of Cy-Fair. Our vision at Cy-Hope is to rally our entire community: businesses, education, churches, civic organizations, hospitals, and individual volunteers to advance the goal of making life better for kids in our community.